Once your application is evaluated and accepted by the MUNCL team, you will receive an official letter of acceptance and a mail including the payment details. The fees must be paid to the bank account that you will receive via e-mail after you have been officially accepted.
An application does not ensure acceptance into the conference.
Before making payments, participants are expected to read the payment detail emails, as well as the following terms carefully.
 Extra fees that may incur during the transfer are the responsibility of the sender.

Do not forget to add your name and your position included i.e.: “Hakan Peksan, Individual Delegate”

If these are not added to the receipt, your payment will be considered as a donation to our conference.

All fees must be paid within five business days after the acceptance mail has arrived. If this is not done so, the MUNCL team reserves the right to drop the application.

The bill (dekont) of your payment must be sent within a span of five business days to muncl2017@gmail.com scanned or digitally. Bad quality photographs will not be accepted.

Fee for individual delegate= 150 Turkish Liras/40 Euros

Fee for committee director= 120 Turkish Liras/35 Euros

Fee for press team member= 100 Turkish Liras/30 Euros

Fee for administarive staff= 90 Turkish Liras/25 Euros

Also participants who wishing accommodation should pay 185 Turkish Liras/50 Euros for two person,per night.Accommodation fee will paid via a special link in our website.If you wish to share a room with someone, please let İnci Bayramiçli know via  incibayramicli@gmail.com before you make your payment for accommodation.
Details regarding the bank account are listed below:
IBAN: TR10 0006 4000 00111810425095
If you have any question regarding the conference please do not hesitate to contact with our PR Team.